Saturday, September 9, 2017


   Many of you may not know but I live in Florida. Irma will hit my area directly tomorrow evening. So I will be down for a few days for sure. I will be fine. Just wanted to let people know why it is so quiet on the blog..



  1. Replies
    1. My heels were the first thing I got to safety.

  2. Be safe my friend. I'll be hoping and praying for you. Let us know when you get back.


    Annabelle B.

  3. Thanks Annabelle. Getting a little windy right now.

  4. That's where the headscarf comes in.....

  5. Stay safe and I hope you can give us an update on your situation when its possible. Keep your dresses and heels dry. And protect your curls on your head.

  6. I'm assuming you've prevailed against the storm. Hopefully in some way you can update us.

    Regarding some remarks you've recently made on blog-patronage..... Keep positive - don't doubt. Quiet times happen and online forums/ comments are a roller-coaster affair. Nobody is to blame; it's just the way it is for specialist niche fetish sites and blogs. Keep doing your best and be happy in the idea your efforts are appreciated even if silently. Keep having fun and continue to be inventive to entice happy responses.
    FCF anon