Monday, January 1, 2018


    Happy New Year 

           Last night was a marvelous night. I didn't spent New Years Eve this year with the group I usually do. Just didn't feel like traveling all the way up there. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it once I got there and got settled in, but it's been a trying year and I decided to try something different.

           I am reestablishing some of the relationships lost over the last year in the genre. It will take a while. I know most of you reading this are curious about MMH. It will appear on the blog and I will announce it in advance so you will no it's coming.. 

          Fifi was a project I was working on at the end of the year in an attempt to revitalize my passions. It has come to an end with issue #4. This is one of my stories illustrated by Fluke that begins in issue #3. To me this was a wonderful opportunity for all, as it was a project for creators  magazine designed to promote others work free of charge. Well to make a long story short, 22,000 visits and 0 comments will discourage even the most motivated of us. 
          It is a forced feminization tale set in a world where sissy men in public are common, but some are not as willing as others., especially those men having to dress that are not sissy.

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  1. I loved the comic book. Now about Martin, I really miss the sex scenes you did for him.