Saturday, September 16, 2017

Something New in October Maybe

    I hope this comic will cause a stir in the forced feminization community. It is actually a flip comic and will be posted at permanent site when complete. It will be free. Kinks are being worked out as we speak, (Pun intended) What do you think? Some of my older short stories may end up in here and maybe a few new ones.
    Working on it!

Hello Everyone

   I made it. I am still without power and I am staying in a motel, but I survived as did my house. A lot to clean up though. I was just off the edge of the eye. 110 mph winds at my place.
   So here is a helpful hint for keeping your hair curls intact during a hurricane. Leave the curlers in your hair, double pin them and then attach your self to a solid building. LOL, in other words hide.
    I have been bouncing around this week. No power in my office or home and miserable hot still humid air. I really feel for those that don't have the resources some of us do. I agree that the standing water, sand flooded areas are the worst part overall. There is nothing that can be done for that accept to wait it out.
    To my loyal fans and friends I want to say Thank You for your support, thoughts and prayers. You and I are part of a little community of our own, and I can feel the warmth from you when things get bad. I do go back and read comments and post to feel those pleasures we share.
    Feel free to contact me now as normal. We will get this blog rolling again. How's that sound.
 Love you all


Saturday, September 9, 2017


   Many of you may not know but I live in Florida. Irma will hit my area directly tomorrow evening. So I will be down for a few days for sure. I will be fine. Just wanted to let people know why it is so quiet on the blog..


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What happened????

       I ran a big update, and apparently many visitors stopped in, but almost no favorable comments of the blog. It wasn't any different than a normal week. Even the regulars said very little. Is it me? Do you as a visitor like what I have done with the variety of material?
       I did the big update to see if it would be popular to do from time to time. Oh well, life goes on.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekend Recap

   First of all..........thank you to all who came and supported my little blog blitz. Special thanks to Saskia who commented on FM and supported in other ways. I appreciate the effort.
   So, what did you think? We had about 1200 visits over the weekend. Not bad. We got almost no comments on the blog itself though. I will continue to have to evaluate the content and what the readers see on my own. HB (from Forced Crossdressing Fantasies) did leave a comment on the blog as a whole and it was very encouraging coming from him.
    The Poll for Martin's possible fate as an anatomical woman or man. Believe it or not the top four options are tied. The one thing we know for sure is the readers overwhelmingly want Martin to end up with a man as a partner. matter what I choose to do 75% of the readers will disagree. LOL.
     To all you Martin enthusiast his fate is already been determined. It is in my head right now, will be done by end of year.
I will be looking for new contributions, I will also be asking questions of the readers about personal experiences and how they got into crossdressing and the submissive feelings some of us have.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Good Morning

     It's the weekend and everything is in place. I will be adding tidbits as I get them ready over the weekend. Look like we had a few early bird visitors. That's wonderful. Hope you enjoy. Any questions don't be afraid to ask or leave comments. The visitors enjoy reading the feedback too.
    I will be working on some new story material. If you are wondering about the "Quickie" section, those are snapshot stories I do for a site run by the artist HB, it's called Forced Crossdresser Fantasies, I contribute these snapshots as the type of stories I write and some are later developed into full length tales. If you see one of interest let me know, I could make it into a story here.