Saturday, November 3, 2018


Hello All

Annabelle and I have ben working to open a new website. It is called "Tales From a Pink Closet" The blogs will be transferred there as far as material is concerned and the new MMH revision will be revealed there. The site building itself is tedious as Annabelle is working a lot and I am learning the in and outs of building the site.
We will be finishing up some works and moving them over too.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


Missy has come to the hospital to visit Martin. She's such a thoughtful step mother. He is in a session with his transition therapist when she arrives. The therapist and Missy have a pleasant conversation as Martin finishes up his session. Martin has been here for several weeks now. His resistance has grown less and less. His uncontrolled emotional outburst and tears are a direct result of the massive female hormonal therapy he is under going at this time. All his legal documents are being preset to change just as the surgery is completed. The doctor will nod that the removal of the male appendage is done and the message will be sent out instantly resetting all Martin's record's for male to female.
Only Sarah can cause this to not happen. This hospital is much worse than living with the Baron had ever been. Does Martin regret being a widow now? 
Martin had refused to see Darren when he came to visit him and he was in therapy the last time Emily showed up. Hmmm.. an interesting chapter developing here.
I am wearing a dress and high heels today for all those that wonder what I think football watching apparel should look like. What my masochistic side needs right now is to be restrained given a good hard bare bottom paddling. I will dress up for the paddling but it needs to be real, Email me if you are the guy or gal and how far the travel. Hmm....never asked that before.

What do you think of the picture below? I love it and plan to expand this male pregnant concept. This has a little short story that goes with it called "Swollen With Pride" written and drawn by my friend Steve.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Lady No More

   Yes I have started writing the next chapter. It has a ways to go and I have to decide the direction I will take with the story. Loss of interest is understandable. For those that still ask, it will be there.
    I am also doing some posting of all my old stories at a couple of story sites like FM. I just want them to have a home in the long run. My latest attempts to do something new and what I wanted to do for so many years has finished without being realized.
    I am going to write my story too. I have always wanted to and one of my old girlfriends said I should. I have posted little adventures in the past and realized that this type of literature doesn't work here, but I feel I need to do it for me. I realized I have forgotten a lot of things I experienced when I was young as we all do, but a couple of these things I was surprised had faded in time.
    So I will post a few new things here this week. Have fun.


Monday, August 20, 2018


There were chapters of Martin Hastings written that were never used or never finished for various reasons. I have placed one of them here for your viewing.

"The Life and Times of Lady Vargos"

                  Constance: Judgement Day

      Constance opened the door to Martin's dressing area. There sat the sadistic styling chair with it's straps hanging waiting for it's next appointment to be seated. That appointment today would be Constance.
       Constance looked at the chair for a moment and then she glared at Martin.
       "Constance darling, I knew you would show up. I must say it has been entertaining watching you wear those wigs the last couple of weeks getting all your friends used to the idea of you wearing wigs. Tell me did you feel a sense of pride the way you looked?" Martin said sitting in a chair with his legs crossed rocking his foot up and down.
      Martin was wearing a one of his bright floral design dresses that the Baron preferred so much. It was dominantly green, and he wore green high heels. His hair had been done by Emily. It was an impressive teased mass of pink curls with maximum lift. He had bangs across his brows.
     "Shut up you perverted piece of shit," she snapped at him.
     "Perverted? Why Constance really. I'm just the poor man who was forced to be your son's wife. I sucked his dick and he fucked my asshole for me whenever he felt the urge. He had every right by law to hold me down and to this, because I was his wife. Obviously nothing perverse there. It was all perfectly legal and normal to the community you and I live in."
     "I think you liked it or you wouldn't be dressing when you don't have to, like right now and my son did nothing wrong to you. You were his wife and he exercised his rights to your body and possessions as your husband, though I objected to the marriage, it was still all very legal and he did no wrong to you."
     "Oh my, we are testy this morning. What some people will do for money is amazing. What you are about to do for money is amusing. Now take all your clothes off and sit in the chair."
     "This is sickening," she said looking away from him.
     "Yes it is Constance. I agree. Anybody that would agree to allow themselves to be subject to such a demeaning and demoralizing act in an agreement over money is in deed sick, and you are one sick bitch."
     "Can I help you with that dress ma'am," Emily said smiling.
      Constance turned around and allowed Emily to unzip her dress. Emily pulled it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor.
       "So you are this perverts cunt that does his bidding now," Constance said to Emily.
       "Yes ma'am. I'm his cunt. Now step out of your heels please," Emily said with a pleasant smile.
       Constance now stood in her underwear. A bra and a girdle. Martin looked at her for a moment, then laughed.
        "Oh aren't we sexy," Martin teased. "A girdle Constance? Really? I never would have taken you for that type. Just goes to show you can't judge a person from the surface. It's what's inside that counts huh."
       Emily started to undo the bra hooks.
      "No no Emily, let Constance remove her own bra and girdle," Martin said, "This is all voluntary. We are not forcing Constance to do anything here. Just giving her guidelines o get her money back." 
      "You are getting a cheap thrill out of trying to humiliate me aren't you," Constance said reaching back to undo her bra.
       "Thrill? Not really, but I am getting some satisfaction of watching you squirm and panic knowing what we are about to do to you, but you have no idea what real dehumanizing humiliation truly is and probably never will. I am allowing you to be behind closed doors. You can try and keep this all secret if you wish. I was made a fool of in every aspect of my life. Publicly and privately I was constantly belittled and tormented, my life published in gossip columns, while everyone just watched and did nothing to help me. It was all legal though, so why was I so upset. Right?"
      Constance pulled her bra off now and her tits were exposed. She acted as if she was unaffected and unzipped her girdle and removed it then her panties. Constance was now completely naked.
      "Happy now?" Constance said in a stern voice staring back at him.
      "Yes, have a seat in the chair please," Martin said looking to Emily for some support now.
       For the first time Constance showed some emotion. Her eyes welled up with tears as the reality of her situation now became only moments away.
     "Let me help you ma'am." Emily said taking her arm.
     "Don't touch me you whore," she hissed.
      Constance stepped in front of the chair, turned and sat down. Emily pulled a strap around her waist and pulled it tight before buckling it. Then the one around Constance's chest. As Emily fastened the straps around her legs and arms, Constance looked at Martin.
      Martin stood up and walked over to the chair in a very dainty manner. His high heels clicking loudly on the hard floor. He smiled at her. 
      "She's all ready," Emily said turning the chair to face Martin.
      "Good, very good." Martin said looking at closely into Constance's eyes.
       Martin took the suction cups out of a drawer. The same one's he was forced to wear each morning while he was under the dryer waiting for his hair to dry.
      Martin placed one over Constance's nipple.
      "What are you doing?" she said looking at him now pumping the nipple up into the cup.
      "OOWWW!! That hurts," she said as he continued. "Stop it damn it, take it off," she pleaded watching him prepare the next nipple.
      "I know they hurt," Martin said looking at what he was doing.
      "Why are you doing this to me," she hissed.
      "I wore these everyday while my hair was being done. I figure you can wear them too while getting your hair done. You see Constance, I was getting more than beauty treatments in this chair."
       "OOOWWW!! That hurts," she said again only softer as the second nipple was pulled all the way into the thin tube.
      The tubes protruded from her breast, the suction holding them tightly in place and pointing straight out.
      "I tried to help you out of this marriage. Remember? And this is how you repay me," Constance said with an unnerving stare. 
      Martin looked at his red fingernails now admiringly as he thought.
      "Yes you did Constance. Let's think of the ways you helped me. Oh yes, I remember. I was to become a whore in the public's eye, commit adultery with unknown men, have sexual encounters with men you arranged so the story would be real. The public would turn from laughing at me for being a fag to hating me, and I agreed to do it all for the chance to get an annulled marriage. It was really so you would feel better about your family name. No concern at all about me or the mental and physical anguish I had to endure."
      "You have everything now. So what's your problem? Why do this to me? Take the dress off. Buy yourself a real wife. Leave this country and never return."
           "You don't get it do you. I'm not doing this to you Constance. You are doing this to yourself so you get the money and social standing you so desperately crave. You don't have to do this at all, and I don't have to give you anything. We can stop right now. It's a small price to pay to be rich wouldn't you say?"
      Emily was now taking all the pins out of Constance's hair. She was being rather rough, aggressively pulling her head from side to side with her hair. Martin smiled watching her face winced each time her hair was pulled. Constance looked up at him.
      "Take these things off my breast," she scolded him looking at them and feeling the discomfort from the distorted stretched nipple in the tube..
      "No. I used to say the same things Constance and I was always told no."
      "You think this is funny? You won't be laughing when they reject your appeal and grant my son's petition to have your dick and balls cut off and make you into a real female. My son requested your sex be changed before he died and I promise you it will be done."
      "You knew how bad I wanted out of all this and I believe you requested the sex change of him to leverage your little scheme. He just signed off on it. I'm not going to just sit by idly and allow the government to take me into some perverted custody and remove my male anatomy Constance. I am fighting that, as we speak. Now, Emily is going to shave your head."
      Tears rolled out of the corner of Constance's eyes as the chair was tilted back and Constance's head was in the shampoo sink. The water was hot.
      "Oww, damn it, the water is too hot," Constance groaned while her hair was shampooed and rinsed.
      The chair was set back up in the upright position. There was no towel or cape around Constance's shoulders or neck. The water dripped down from her head to her naked and exposed body.
      Emily took a pair of scissors and pulled up a lock of Constance's hair with a comb, 2" long and snipped it off, allowing the wet hair to fall on her shoulders. Another strand was pulled up with a comb and cut the same length. Constance's hair was now cut 2" long all over. The hair falling on her naked body. Once that was done, she was turned to face Martin.
      "Well we do look different already don't we," Martin teased looking at her.
      "Just get it over with."
      "Sure, with pleasure," Martin said.
      Emily jerked Constance's head forward by gripping the hair on the back of her head and using the scissors again cut it of as close to the scalp as possible.
      "Ooww!! Do you have to be so rough?" Constance grimaced from the pulling as Sasha cut her hair close to her head.
      "Yes ma'am I do," Emily said jerking another strand of hair up to be cut.
       There was a lot of hair on Constance shoulders and in her lap now. Using her fingers Emily brushed her shoulders so all the hair fell on her lap and thighs, less what stuck to her tits as it fell.
      The electric clippers were now produced. Constance now fidgeted in the seat against her bonds, looking over her shoulder at the clippers. She became more and more desperate till there was a sudden attempt to escape her bonds. She jerked at the straps and flung her head about. 
      Emily pushed her head back holding it firmly against the headrest of the chair. The clippers were placed on the front of her hairline. 
      "OMG!!!!!" she screamed out as the clippers moved across the top of her head.
       Constance was now crying with deep despair as the clippers made another pass across the top of her head. Her feet jerking against the straps and her toes curled under, because that's all she could really move freely.
      "Oh yes. Just relax and think about all the money you are getting," Martin said while Emily was cutting the rest of the hair from the top of her head.
       In the moment, Constance wasn't thinking of the money, she was only feeling the shame from her hair being sheared off.
      "Just think of how you would feel if we did this in the garden in the back where all the staff could see. Make this all available to the press so they could take pictures and publish them for all your socialite friends to see." Martin said. 
       Emily pushed her head forward and sheared the back of Constance's head. Sasha then sued the clippers to remove missed sections of hair. Constance was now bald and turned to face the mirror so she could see herself. She looked at herself and cried even harder. Long and short clipped gray hair lay on her shoulders, stomach and lap.
       Emily took a can of shaving cream and shook it in front of Constance. Constance looked at her through the tears and a high pitched squeal escaped her lips when the cream first touched her scalp and was spread covering her entire head.
       "No more hair for you Constance. I will be shaving your head every two to three weeks depending on your stubble growth. I promise to keep your wigs styled and fresh looking," Emily said sharpening the straight razor. " You will of course pay me for my services."
      Constance head was now shaved with a straight razor. As she was shaved Martin told her what he expected from her and Leo that evening.
      "You and Leo will get your allowance for the year and I will keep your little experiences here this evening secret as long as you keep up your end of the bargain. Keeping your appointments with Emily and the like. I have concubines coming tonight for you and Leo. Male concubines. You will prepare them and Leo will, well Leo will then allow the concubines to do their part."
       Emily smiled while she pulled the razor across Constance's head.
      "Take the Bliss Mask with you. I want one of you wearing it the next three days. I will not ask anything else of you till next year when it will be time to renew our little agreement. What color wig is she wearing this week?" Martin asked looking up at Emily.
       "I think we will start with the blonde," Emily said looking over at the five identically styled wigs each a very different color. "Auburn next week, then the silver gray, and the fiery red at the end of the month."
       "What about the black one with the large red bow above the bangs?" Martin asked about the only one left out.
      "That will be the starter for next month. It will be right after the red one."
      Emily dried Constance's head and turned the now bald woman to face Martin. She went to the counter and picked up the blonde wig and placed it next to Constance. She pulled the elastic band of the wig and worked it into position. She then combed and sprayed a few loose ends.
      "Are you done," Constance said defeated looking up at Martin.
      "Well yes and no. You see when you get shaved like this there is no drying time. I used to do about 45 minutes under the dryer, so if you don't mind we will leave you strapped in the chair with the suction cups on your nipples for that length of time."
        Constance hung her head as Emily and Martin left the room. The hair that was stuck on her shoulders and in her lap became more and more irritating as it dried.