Sunday, August 5, 2018


                I am developing  material for a project I am working on and have neglected many of my other responsibilities. It was not my intent and time flew by. I will be writing a couple of shorts soo and posting here. It will be character shorts from MMH. A history before Martin. I will post a poll to see which characters are the most popular and write them in that order.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Test Email

I am asking for readers to send me a test email to make sure my Inbox is receiving.



Saturday, July 7, 2018


     What a unusual morning. I have been made aware that some of you might not be able to see the pictures on my previous post. Please give me feedback if you can or cannot see it. 
      Now here is the new NEWS. The new story that I will be writing about Leanne. It will be complete tale of how she got into the feminization of male brides and the events that lead up to her meeting Martin. This story will be in the new magazine I'm developing. The name of that magazine is yet to be determined. In future issues I will do other characters from MMH.
      We will still have a great fantasy magazine in the end. 
 Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


                              "The Future of my Stories?"
        This is not a true magazine right now. The title and other things will be different, this is just to give a visual to what I'm talking about. This however is what I am focused on as far as publishing. I want to do a magazine format quarterly.
        Below is a page done by Fluke just to give and idea of what I am talking about. This is just a revised illustration for Tranz. #6 cover that never materialized.
        I want to do as Sissy Salon Special also. How does that sound? 
        Curler Queen's Unite!
        If you have any artistic or drawing ability and wish to contribute just get in contact with me. I am looking for Creators to give this magazine a diverse look and feel. We will not be just a Forced Feminization publication. 

Goose, Gander by AshBond

This could use a follow up and a storyline perhaps. It would take a very open mind to accept the premise of this. More so than MMH. LOL.

Great work by Ashbond. 
Nikki has also done an amazing job with this theme with her photo/manipulations as you can see below. Some are featured here in the Feminization Station Folder and her site by the same name linked on this blog.

This would make a sweet ad in the magazine.

I think it's time to update my Avatar. Maybe I can see what is brewing in some minds of a few friends.