Sunday, February 18, 2018

More to come

    A few of you are so sure of what will happen to Martin, and you may be right on some things. Keep an open mind though.
    Being a girl is not a bad thing accept if you are Martin who doesn't want to be one and the law is forcing you to do it. Not anyone else just you, and you have done nothing wrong and it is not even seen as a punishment in the eyes of the law.
     Is Martin a sexist when it comes to women? What about his response to Emily? Was that frustration spilling over that once again he has been deceived? Or the fact that he has been having emotional feeling for a guy who happens to make a pretty damned good woman in many ways.
     Revenge? A retaliatory action to make those that were involved pay. He did it to the Baron, but he was already dead and many of you feel that was not enough.
     I feel revenge is something inflicted on another. What is Martin gave people choices? A take it or leave it option in the name of money? What would they do? That is if Martin doesn't end up in another situation that he can't control.
     Dorothy, Darren, Constance, Sarah, Missy, Phoebe, Emily, still have parts to play and things to say.
     I will try to have a part of the chapter up soon.


Thursday, February 8, 2018


   Good Moring All

I have posted ALNM Ch. 15 in the ALNM file.
I also revamped the part that was posted a week or so ago so it's worth reading from the top. I did make a few changes that readers noticed and I was in a hurry missed.
Let me know what you think.


Sunday, January 28, 2018


                              A Lady No More 
                                   Chapter 15
                                  "The Opinion Of Others"

      "Martin listen to me sweetie," Sasha said as she snuggled up beside him on he couch and rubbed his penis through the red satin nightie he was wearing.
      "Why are they doing this to me?" he whimpered looking out the corner of his eye the collar he was being forced to wear restricting his movement.
       "Martin, I love you for who you are," she said softly looking at his red fingernails.
       She had never made such a statement of affection before and Martin was caught by surprise. 
        "They are discussing cutting my dick and balls off Sasha. I have no say in the matter. You have no idea how nerve racking that is. What if they decide I should have that done to me. What then?"
         "I will still love you Martin. It's you I care about not your penis. Yes I am angry about this being done to you but I am more afraid I will lose you in here if they decide to go through with this," she said placing here hand over his heart.
         "Emily, my real name is Emily," she said softly revealing her true name to him for the first time.
          Being a professional concubine she had told Martin that  she would like sex to wait in their relationship. Not that she wasn't taking care of his sexual needs in other ways but she wanted a special evening if anything ever grew out of their relationship and as a result each time he would reach between her legs his hand would be gently pushed away.
       "Martin, honey not now," she said softly.
       "I may not have many more chances Emily," he said looking at her. It sounds like they have made up their minds to me."
       "You never know baby," she said pulling out his semi erect penis and holding it in her hands.
        She kissed him then lowered her head in his lap and started sucking his dick much to his satisfaction.
         Martin found Emily very attractive and satisfying in so many ways. Was he falling for her for reasons other than love? She slept with different men all the time and performed numerous sexual acts with them, all of which she kept confidential and wouldn't even discuss with him. Yet somehow she made it all seem alright and some what normal.
       She had told him repeatedly she would dress and appear in public in any manner that he desired.
       "I'll change my hairstyle, or color," she had once said.
       "Would you dye your hair pink like I have to wear?" he had asked her sarcastically once.
        "Sure baby. I have no problem with that. Paint my toenails different colors, have hairy armpits, whatever your desires may be," she said smiling.
         "People will laugh at you, and ridicule you," he had told her.
          "Hey, as long as I know that your dick is getting hard looking at me, they can all go fuck themselves."
          She gave him the best hand jobs and blow jobs. His orgasms were so intense with her. She was well practiced.
           "Emily," he said stopping her sucking, "I don't know where this all may end up, but I think I would like to tell you something. Either way I think I want to be with you. At least that is how I feel right now." 
          "Oh Martin. That is what I truly would love too. I so want us to try and be together. I need to tell you something now that can't wait."
           "What is that Emily," he said looking at her softly.
          "Martin sweetie, I'm not a girl. I'm a boy."
          "What? What do you mean?"
           "Honey, I have a penis and balls just like you."
           "NO!" he yelled looking at her large breast. "Now what do I do?"
           "Yes, I have large breast and they are all your sweetie," she said trying not to cry as she smiled and reacted to his sudden change.
            "You told me you were married twice," Martin insisted.
            "I was, to two women. I was a hairstylist and became a concubine in my second marriage."
              "I don't know what........ Guy's don't become concubines."
              "Martin, I am the same person that was talking with you about a long term relationship just minutes ago."
               "Can you get it removed and have the same surgery they are threatening me with?" he thought desperately of a way to remedy his bias thoughts.
               "No Martin, I like my penis and my balls and will be keeping them." she said now unzipping her pants and pulling them down.
              Emily's penis was average size and erect pulling his balls tight. Martin turned away almost in disgust.
              "Look at it Martin. It won't hurt you. Honey listen I will be the girl 100% in our relationship. I will do anything you ask. You will never have to service my penis and I will enjoy being butt fucked as a traditional method of enjoyment. We can just tell everyone I am a woman. Nobody needs to know the truth."
               "I will know," he said looking at her through his false eyelashes. "Why am I always tricked or forced into having sex with men and me dressing like a woman."
                Emily fastened her pants. She got her purse.
                "You know Martin bigots need to be all alone and most are. There is a reason. I am going to see a man tonight who is going to make out somewhere nice for dinner, and an evening out, them we will have sex. He will get his dick sucked and be treated like a desirable man and I will receive him in my ass, and he will pay me handsomely and request another date before I leave. Lot's of guys want me Martin an pay well. I was giving you my life for free."
                 Emily slipped on his red high heels an walked out.

Let's Try A New Approach

  A good friend has placed some advice in my ear and I think I heard it this time. What I should do is put parts of the chapter out over a month or two as I finish them instead of trying to write the entire chapter first.
    So what I have done now I will straighten up and place here as a Post. You will see the chapter come together with regular but much shorter pieces. As I complete it I will place it in the chapter section.
    This will keep you all up to date with the story as I work through it.
    So that will be the new approach for a while.