Monday, November 13, 2017

Working My Way Through Life's Little Crisis.

Some things are just meant to be I guess. I can't make promises I can't keep. I thank those that have emailed me with support. I so want to give you the end of Martin, and know many have already left from my on again off again actions. I can't share with you what has motivated that, but it is NOT anything bad that has been done so don't worry about that.

I will however be updating the blog without a lot of fanfare, and hopefully placing a new Martin chapter in there too. 
I have lost some contacts recently, and I accept that. I could keep going the way I was and I came to a realization of that. My personal and my writing being so influenced. I think people really would like to hear what I have to write and not deluded fragments that some feel they wanted to see inserted.. 
Hell in many instances I don't even recognize my own characters they are pushed so far away from the original thought process. This causes me to have to think about what to do with these people I don't know.
I will reinvent myself and the characters I and I alone should have created the way I wanted in this cyber world. I realize it is a group appreciation project and not a group participation project. I ma y even have to change my name and create an all new self.  I have another name I write under at times. Some of it is published at FM. So nice. Only a cou0ple of you know that.

So, I will be here again if only to try and clean up the mess I made of the blog. I apologize to those that feel wronged for some reason. It is just a place I used to get away from life's stress and it managed to become it's on stress. I am rambling now.
Thank all of you that still check in. I will finish Martin. It may or may not be what you expect, but hell I don't know what is going on myself sometimes. Painted myself into a corner.
I will visit you all again soon.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Winding up Martin

   It is time to come to a conclusion with Martin Hastings.
The final chapters will feature Martin, Sasha, Dorothy, Darren, Missy, and Constance. There may be a few cameo's as I write but The end is in sight.
   I will make the extra efforts to get the final chapters out. I may squeeze in an extra one between the one I have written now and where I just left off.
   Will be Martin be a Court Ordered Woman? Strange things happen in this land.



    Only one comment on The Tranzfiction story I started? Hmmm...was thinking of doing a full length comic of The Sissification of Fifi based on feedback. I have always wanted to present a full length color detailed story. Let me know what you think of it. Yes or no. I value the feedback of those that come here.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tranzficition #3 is out!

  Tranzficition #3 is now out. Give it a chance. It is raw and growing each month. We need more contributors. If you have an artistic talent and which to have a part in this effort contact me. I have a new Forced Feminization story in this issue. Tell me what you think.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Lady No More Ch. 14 is posted

    I posted the chapter 14 as promised. It was not as complete as I would have liked. There are several other interviews that didn't make it this time. We will have to see what comes next.
    Hope you enjoy the chapter.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wish there was more time..........

        A Lady No More Ch. 14. I only wish I had more time to let this stew. I will have finished what would normally have been the first draft done by tomorrow as long as nothing else happens. I would normally let this version set a week then revisit it and flesh it out, then do a final look over a day or two later, but we are short on time so I will work hard, but regardless I will be putting it out tomorrow..
       This chapter has a quick look at the judges initial decision and Martin being placed in a monitored situation while his case is being studied by experts in different fields. They will give their
       recommendations to the judge. We will see how much of the expert sessions we can get done.
        Talk to you all soon.